Emma Stone was a ''weirdo pale kid'' when she was younger.

The 24-year-old actress tried desperately to obtain a bronzed glow when she was at school so she could fit in with the ''cool group'', but soon discovered even faking a tan didn't come easily for her.

She admitted: ''I can't help it. When I was younger, I'd try really hard to tan - I'm from Arizona, which is really sunny and everyone there is really tanned - so that I wasn't the weirdo pale kid. I wanted to be part of the cool group, but I learned pretty early on that all I do is burn. So then I did spray tans, which unfortunately made me look like I had leprosy or I had just dug through mud.''

'The Croods' actress - who is in a relationship with Andrew Garfield - likes to change her hair colour and is desperate to try an ''unnatural'' look.

She said: ''I've never cut my hair short as an adult. Only when I was 12 years old - and it looked terrible. And I've never dyed it any unnatural colour, so that would be fun.''

And Emma admitted she is free to experiment with her look because movie bosses always pick up her hairstyling bills.

She told the new issue of Company magazine: ''When it's blonde, I wish it was red. And when it's red, I wish it was blonde. I would probably keep it blonde in real life just because blonde grows out better so it's cheaper. But the studios pay for my hair changes, so that's cool.''