Actress Emma Stone was left bruised and traumatised after a recent doctor's appointment because her serious phobia of needles turned her into a terrified, crying wreck.
The Help star was a new patient at the medic's office and was required to give a blood sample, but she burst into tears and suffered a "full-on meltdown" as soon as he prepared to stick her.
She told U.S. talk show host Jay Leno, "I have two phobias: one of being lifted over somebody's head, which was the issue with (2011 movie) Crazy, Stupid, Love., and the other phobia is getting my blood drawn. Needles.
"I have a true, genuine blackout... spiral phobia of needles, which was witnessed by this doctor unexpectedly as he turned away and got out some little vials from the drawer, and then turned back around, by which time I was in a state of (complete distress). There were many tears and I just had a full-on meltdown in his room."
The doctor found a cunning way to get Stone's blood sample - but his tactic caused the actress to stiffen up and it made her skin bruise: "He tricked me... He was hitting my vein and I was panicking over here (looking the other way) and he said, 'I'm not going to do anything without telling you' while he stuck me with the needle, to which I tensed up and then had a terrible bruising incident for a couple weeks. It's a phobia, it's pretty bad."
But there was one positive about her trip to the doctor - he discovered she was suffering from a vitamin D deficiency.
She added, "(It) is a very important vitamin, so I'm now on supplements."