Emma Stone has developed an ''appreciation'' for fashion.

The 'Amazing Spider-Man' actress - who is currently dating British hunk Andrew Garfield - admits she has not always been so clued up on style, but has begun to understand how important it is in her line of work.

She said: ''It's something that I've been more exposed to in the past year, so I finally have a deeper understanding and appreciation for it.''

One designer Emma does like is Alber Elbaz from Lanvin, as he has previously confessed he just wants the women who wear his creations to look their best.

She said: ''He's fantastic. And he wants to hide. Did you read that thing where he says he wants to blend into the background? He doesn't want to be the icon at all, he wants to make things for women so that they can shine.''

Despite her fame rising in recent years thanks to roles in movies such as 'Easy A' and 'The Help', Emma claims she never wants to get to a stage where she can't walk around without being followed.

She added to Vogue magazine: ''I worry about my fame making New York unliveable. That would be ... to not walk around would be awful.''