Emma Stone would ''love'' to work with her boyfriend Andrew Garfield on another movie.

The 25-year-old actress and the 30-year-old hunk, who have been dating since 2011, are currently starring opposite each other in the 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' film, and the flame-haired beauty is keen to team up with her lover in the future for other projects.

When asked if she'd like to work with Andrew again, she exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I hope so, I would love to.''

Emma, who plays Gwen Stacy alongside Andrew's Spider-Man, recently admitted she'd never been in love until she began working with her beau on screen.

Meanwhile, Andrew, who is often complimented on his charmingly good looks and is branded a heartthrob, doesn't understand why people see him as a hunk, but admits he's ''flattered'' by it.

He explained at the premiere of the 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' at London's Leicester Square yesterday (10.04.14): ''I disagree with that [being called a heartthrob] and I reject it, but I am flattered by it.''

However, his gorgeous looks aren't his only talent as he can also break-dance.

When asked what his secret superhero talent was, he replied: ''Break-dancing!''