Emma Stone won't take credit for her sense of style.

'The Amazing Spider-Man' actress - who is dating her co-star Andrew Garfield - claims her stylist Petra Flannery has complete control of her sartorial choices and thinks her style icon status isn't warranted.

Asked about her gorgeous red carpet gowns, Emma told FabSugar: ''My stylist is really into fashion. She's great with it!''

Petra's A-list client list includes Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana and Megan Fox, and she was ranked as the third most powerful stylist in the industry by The Hollywood Reporter in 2012.

Despite being known for her red carpet looks, the flame-haired beauty admitted her own sense of style is much more casual and low-key.

She confessed: ''For me and my closet I have a lot of jeans and T-shirts and sweaters. I kind of operate in that area most days.''

The 23-year-old star has previously claimed to not be particularly vain in the past and isn't influenced by other celebrities into always having to look her best.

She said: ''I think a lot of female actors have a real fear of not looking their best. They learn to prize their vanity over a role in which they have to look like a moron.

''They're worried they'll damage their sex appeal. Thankfully, I have no problem looking like a moron!''