Actress Emma Stone has yet to see her hit comedy Easy A because the film brings back bad memories of when she was suffering from severe anxiety.
Stone has been struggling with panic attacks over the last few years, and only recently got her anxiety under control after finding several outlets for her nervous energy - such as baking.
But when the 23 year old began shooting Easy A in 2010, things were much different and she crumbled under the pressure of being a lead star.
She tells Interview magazine, "I was a wreck during that. I didn't sleep much. I remember the day I wrapped Easy A. Getting into the car as the sun was coming up because it had been a night shoot... It felt like a house had been lifted off of me. I felt a great deal of pressure making that movie, because in my personal life at the time, too, things were just... It was like a hurricane.
"That movie was such a crazy experience for me, and it was no one's fault but my own. There was no place to hide - ever. There was never a moment when I could shut out everything. I had to be accountable, and that's a great gift, but at that time, I think I was just terrified of that pressure... I've still never seen it."