Emma Stone, the celebrated Hollywood actress, recently got a tattoo that was designed by THE Beatles legend Paul McCartney, reports US Magazine. Stone's mother has been given the all clear after being diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, and the actress says the pair decided to get matching tattoos to celebrate.
The 21-year-old told David Letterman on Thursday 14th October 2010, "We've never gotten tattoos before and probably never will again", before adding, "Two years ago tomorrow she got diagnosed with breast cancer, and she's out of the woods now, which is amazing". Stone then revealed how the design came from an unlikely source. She explained that both her and her mother's favourite song is THE BEATLES track 'Blackbird', from the band's 1968's self-titled album, adding, "I wrote a letter to PAUL MCCARTNEY asking him if he would draw two little bird feet - because he wrote the song - and yesterday he sent them to me".
The star also told the talk-show host how she and 'Zombieland' co-star Woody Harrelson visited MCCartney at his home, saying, "He made us veggie burgers", before joking, "It was so good. But can you imagine if I was like, 'Well, the burgers were a little overcooked?"