Emma Stone has reportedly broken her shoulder.

The 30-year-old actress has thrown filming for the new 'Cruella' movie - in which she plays the evil dog killer - into chaos after she plunged to the ground while messing around on her friend's shoulders at the Spice Girls' concert at Wembley, London.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Emma relocated to the UK for the summer to throw her all into this movie -- it was a great opportunity to be a classic villain.

''But she's a massive Spice Girls fan and got carried away at their concert and fell off a pal's shoulders while she was partying.

''She thought it was just bruised initially, but has now discovered it's actually broken.

''She's gutted about such a serious injury. She needs to be in top physical condition for the role, which is active and involves running around after dogs.''

It's not known how Emma's injury will affect filming for the prequel but doctors have told her to rest for at least two months and have advised her to wear a sling.

Emma has made no secret of the fact she's a huge Spice Girls fan and admitted before the accident that she was ''obsessed'' with them when she was growing up.

She said recently: ''I'm a very big fan of the Spice Girls.

''I was obsessed with them growing up. They taught me about girl power.''

And Emma Bunton - who is part of the girl group - is just as obsessed with Emma.

She said just before her gig at the stadium: ''Do you know who we've got coming - Oh I hope I'm allowed to say this - but Emma Stone is coming tonight and I've never met Emma Stone and we're going to be meeting her so I'm really excited.''