Emma Stone is baffled by Britain's drinking habits.

The blonde beauty has been spending more time in the UK since she began dating her British 'Amazing Spider-Man' co-star Andrew Garfield, but still questions the language and behaviour of her boyfriend's homeland.

She quipped: ''Why is drinking such a big thing in Britain? Then there's the 'c' world - the 'see you next Tuesday' word - it's everywhere, peppering every sentence, whereas if you say that word in America it shuts down the whole room.

''And of course there's all the 'piss-taking' you guys do over there ...''

While Emma, 24, remains quiet about her relationship she has shared her opinion on beards - a feature which Andrew, 29, has been sporting recently.

When asked where she stands on men having facial hair she replied: ''Well, it depends, doesn't it? [Russian Orthodox Christian] Rasputin would have looked weird with no beard - so would Santa Claus.''

After moving from Los Angeles to New York, Emma enjoys the freedom of the Big Apple.

She explained: ''In New York you can go out in the morning and wind up in a bunch of different places, which I really like.''