Emma Stone is to work with Will Gluck for a second time following the success of 'Easy A'.

The flame-haired actress has signed up to star in an as-yet-untitled film directed by Gluck when she has finished filming 'Spider-Man' - where she plays Gwen Stacy - next summer.

Clint Culpeppter, boss of production company Screen Gems, said he feels "lucky" to have them on board.

He told Deadline.com: "Will and Emma blossomed in 'Easy A', which was easily the most well-liked and best critiqued movie Screen Gems has made.

"To have them want to team again at Screen Gems makes me the happiest guy in the business. I think he was afraid I might pour a glass of iced tea over his head had he tried to go anywhere else."

'Easy A' - which saw star turns from Stone, Stanley Tucci and Lisa Kudrow - has so far taken $65 million in cinemas worldwide, and only cost $8 million to make.

It is not yet clear if the planned movie will be in a similar comedy-vein.