Emma Stone can forge the Spice Girls' autographs.

The 'Amazing Spider-Man' star has admitted she used to copy the iconic pop group's signatures when she was growing up in the 1990s as a huge fan.

Speaking on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', she said: ''I have not done this - in all fairness - since I was about 10 years old.

''I did a quick little reminder in the dressing room beforehand... but yes, when I was 10 I memorised all of their autographs on their merchandise, which makes you feel like you have their autographs but you don't because it's been copied worldwide.''

The superfan actress also revealed she was forced to adopt a stage name after discovering Emily Stone was registered with the Screen Actors Guild, and her love for the group helped inspire her choice.

She added: ''When I was in second grade, I did ask the teacher on the first day of school to call me Emma because I always wanted to be Baby Spice.

''It stuck for like a day and I didn't know that years later, everybody would be calling me 'Emma'. I'm now Baby Spice for life.''