Emma Stone, the 21-year-old American actress, was roundly praised for her performance as the host of Saturday Night Live on 23nd October 2010. The star of 'Superbad' and 'Zombieland' opened with strong monologue that poked fun at herself for becoming the object of many nerd's affections, due to her role in the upcoming 'Spiderman' movie, reports MTV.com
In her first skit, Stone played an indifferent television home makeover show winner, before playing a confused teenager being questioned about her high school behaviour. However, the highlight of the show was Stone's performance in the 'Les Jeunes de Paris' sketch, which MTV described as containing, "one of the funniest dance-offs you've ever seen in your life". In one of SNL's recurring sketches, a parody of talk-show 'The View', Stone played a version of Lindsay Lohan and was joined by Fred Armisen and Joy Behar in a skit that went down well with the live studio audience.
Stone's latest movie was the hit comedy 'Easy A', and she has a number of future projects lined up. The actress is due to star in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love', set for release in 2011, and 'Friends with Benefits', another comedy film that stars Justin Timberlake and is due to hit screens in July 2011.