The 28-year-old actress has wowed critics and audiences as an aspiring actress in screen musical La La Land, becoming the early favourite to win the Best Actress prize at the upcoming Oscars.

Emma, who appeared on Broadway in the musical Cabaret in 2014, is desperate to do more theatre work, but is looking to choose a straightforward drama for her return as she feels her singing voice won't cope with the rigours of appearing on stage.

"I'm looking. I definitely would love to do theatre again, I don't know if I'd be able to do a musical any time soon just because maintaining the voice is pretty tricky but, my god, I'd love to do theatre again very soon," she tells London's Evening Standard newspaper.

Emma says she was determined to do Cabaret, which follows the patrons and performers at a seedy club in 1930s Berlin as the Nazis rose to power in Germany, but is now looking to star in a stage drama.

"I've already done my dream musical, Cabaret," she adds. "That was my dream. I really don't have any others that I'm dying to do. Really, honestly my voice can't take it but straight plays, there's like a million of those I'd love to do."

However, before she can return to a stage role, Emma will spend a couple of months in London shooting her new movie, The Favourite.

The film, a period drama about the court of 18th Century British monarch Queen Anne, is due out next year (18).