Emma Stone is tired of being asked if she is ''down to f**k''.

'The Amazing Spider-Man' actress constantly gets asked if she is ''D.T.F'' after a phrase used in her film 'Superbad', but even such an offensive question doesn't annoy her as much as people singing Natasha Bedingfield's 'A Pocket Full of Sunshine' at her after her character in 'Easy A'.

She said: ''After 'Superbad' I always get, 'Are you D.T.F?' But more than anything, what I get is 'Pocketful of Sunshine' being sung to me. That song is the worst.''

Emma, 23, would also prefer it if people called her Em, as it would represent her real name - which is Emily - as well as her stage name.

She explained to Empire magazine: ''My real name's Emily, but it was taken at the Screen Actors' Guild, and so I had to change it to Emma when I was 16.

''So everyone that I've grown up with, or that I know now calls me Em. Its across the board, both names, it works. I wish people would just call me Em all the time. Em stone, it's easy.''