Emma Stone's Oscar nomination is ''beyond any of her wildest imaginings''.

The 28-year-old actress was thrilled to find out she had been nominated in the Best Actress in a Leading Role category for her performance in 'La La Land', just one of the 14 nominations the musical movie received.

She said: ''What a morning. I am so grateful for this honour and I'm so happy to share this feeling with my 'La La Land' family. The greatest part of life is connecting with people, and I love the deeply talented, kind and passionate people I was lucky enough to work with on this movie.

''I'm also overjoyed that the movie has connected with audiences in the way it has, and that it's hopefully bringing a kick in their step to those who watch it. This is beyond any of our wildest imaginings and we can't wait to celebrate together.''

Meanwhile, the film's director Damien Chazelle previously opened up about why he thinks the Academy would love his movie.

Speaking to GQ magazine before the nominations were announced, he said: ''I guess it wasn't but now that you say it, it's good to know. So the honest answer would be no. I've been writing about the experiences that I've had, which probably are applicable to lots of artists in Los Angeles, or people that are moving to Los Angeles to try and be artists.

''Especially in this movie, that kind of up and down, especially in the first few years, before you've broken in. The trying to find your voice in that city, and trying to find an identity as an artist in that city, is a challenging thing.

''[La La Land] was something that was very personal to me that I wanted to write about, just the same way Whiplash was about experiences I've had as a drummer. Both movies are somewhat autobiographical, and I definitely fit into a certain type of LA artist that the Academy fits into.''