Former DYNASTY stunner Emma Samms finds her fans will go out of their way to secure an autograph - even when in the middle of a life-threatening natural disaster.

The star, who played shoulder-padded FALLON in the eighties American series, says the most bizarre time she was hounded by an autograph hunter was whilst she was driving in Los Angeles and a dramatic earthquake struck.

Emma remembers, "A woman in front of me got out of her car, completely hysterical, and ran around her car three times in terror before coming over to me and screaming, 'My God, did you see that? There was a...'

"And then she stopped totally in her tracks and asked, 'Are you Emma Samms?' It completely snapped her out of it, as if I'd slapped her in the face.

"Having calmed her down, she asked for my autograph, got back in her car and drove off."

24/06/2003 13:38