Teenage actress Emma Roberts is celebrating after passing her driving test on her second attempt.
Julia Roberts' 18-year-old niece reveals she recently gained her license after a misunderstanding about traffic light rules caused her to fail her first test.
She says, "I'm happy to announce that I got my license... finally. But when I failed, I didn't know you couldn't turn on (a) red (light). Everyone was like, 'Oh it's so cool, you can turn on red.' So of course I swung a right and they failed me. It was red, oncoming traffic everywhere... It was really stressful."
Roberts is now looking to buy her first car - but admits she is facing a motoring dilemma as she wants to stay green while cruising around town in comfort.
She adds, "I want a car that's environmentally friendly, but I want a big car, so I don't know."