Noel Clarke thinks Emma Roberts will become a bigger star than her aunt Julia Roberts.

The British director - who worked with Emma on his new movie '' - claims the 19-year-old star is destined for a big future, which could even eclipse her 'Notting Hill' actress aunty.

Speaking at the world premiere of the movie at London's Empire Leicester Square, Noel told BANG Showbiz: "Emma was great. Emma was the second or third person to sign up and get on board she wanted to do the movie from the beginning. I appreciated that. She gave 100 per cent and for her to come over and do a small British film like this is hopefully testament to what we did with the film.

"I think she could be bigger than Julia. think she most definitely could be better. She's young. You won't realise this yet, but in a few years time you'll think, 'Oh yeah, Noel did say that.' "

He also admits he had two reasons to work on The Script, which he managed to write in a month.

Noel said: "What inspired me to make this film? Two things - one I wanted to do something out of sequence because I love films like 'Pulp Fiction' and two, a man told me I couldn't write for women. That made me write the story in a month because I was so angry. It wasn't tough. People think a month is quick but I don't think it's that quick. I've written things faster than that."

'' - which also stars Michelle Ryan and Noel himself - is released in the UK on June 2.