A special 'pop-up' edition of hit family film NANCY DREW is to hit America's pay-per-view cable channels, so fans can check out which stunt scenes feature Emma Roberts and which ones don't. The young actress, who is Julia Roberts' niece, admits she's thrilled to hear her 2007 film is to come with information extras. She says, "The special edition is called Drew's Clues and it's got pop-ups in it. "Basically these little screens pop up during the movie and tell you the special behind-the-scenes stuff like little tidbits you wouldn't know and things about me and Nancy Drew. "For example, when there's a stunt it tells you like, 'OK, this isn't Emma. This is her stunt double.' "There is also a countdown of Nancy's 27 outfit changes. I love that. I did so many wardrobe fittings to get everything perfect."