Emma Roberts will never "go topless" in a movie.

The 19-year-old actress - who is the niece of movie star Julia Roberts - is adamant she won't flash her breasts for a film role in the next few years because it is "tasteless".

She said: "I would show my back and my butt on camera, but I would never go topless.

"Going topless is so tasteless, and I prefer to leave all that stuff to people's imagination. But you never know what might happen. This is what I'm saying now, but in five years' time it could be totally different."

Emma has shot to fame in recent months, as she prepared for the release of her latest movie ''.

However, the pretty teenager has struggled with the interest in her private life and gets frustrated when people in America - where you must be 21 to drink alcohol - criticise her for enjoying a glass of wine when she's in Britain, where you can drink alcohol aged 18.

She told The Times newspaper: "You feel very adult, sitting in London with a glass of wine, but because you're not allowed to do it in Los Angeles, it is seen as bad.

"It's just kind of tough that I'm not allotted any room to make mistakes. I smoke occasionally. But because it's me, it's like, 'Oh my God! You're a terrible influence'."