Emma Roberts thinks she'll have to change her style when she gets older.

The 20-year-old actress is a fan of the laidback look but admits she won't be able to get away with it forever.

She told People magazine: "I think when you're young it's all about being comfortable. When I'm older, I'm probably going to have to look much more put together. At least that's what I imagine."

"I like to be a little more disheveled - I like throwing on a motorcycle jacket with a gown because I'm young, and I can. When you're young it's much more fun to mix and match, do that kind of hobo-chic look. I don't think I'll be 50 rocking hobo chic."

Emma recently revealed how she thinks her "crooked" teeth give her "character".

The screen beauty - who is the niece of Julia Roberts and daughter of Eric Roberts - blames her family genes for the trait but says she doesn't mind the imperfection because it makes her look more interesting.

She said: "I have really crooked teeth - they give me character! We Robertses have too many teeth for our mouths."