Emma Roberts goes through ''phases'' of wanting long and short hair.

The 26-year-old actress has experimented with her hair styles over the years, as she has opted for long dark brown locks, as well as a short blonde do to being a red head, and the reason she has trialled so many different looks is because she likes being able to tie her hair up, but also likes the low maintenance of having a crop.

Speaking about her style choices to PEOPLE, the 'Nerve' star said: ''I go through phases. Sometimes I like having long hair because I can put it up in a ponytail but I love having short hair because I can just roll out of bed.''

Emma portrayed Chanel in 'Scream Queens', and she has admitted her biggest regret was not raiding her character's wardrobe when the production ended, although she has revealed she did keep hold of a Chanel toiletry bag that was never used on set.

She explained: ''When we're filming the show, it looks like one second on TV, but we're actually in these outfits for weeks at a time sometimes, so you're so sick of everything by the end of it, you don't want it. And then a year later you're like, 'why didn't I keep that?' I did take this little yellow Chanel toiletry bag that we never actually used on the show, so that was my one Chanel Chanel thing.''

The New York-born beauty has a very hectic schedule, but on her days off she loves nothing more than taking a long hot bath in the afternoon, where she can read and relax to her hearts content.

She said: ''At 2 P.M. I'll take a bath with my book, and my friends are like 'What are you doing?' and I'm like 'Taking a bath!' and they're like 'It's 2 P.M.!' I've been working for three months straight, I'm allowed to take a 2 P.M. bath.''