Emma Roberts' family hoped she would grow out of acting.

The 23-year-old star - whose auntie is Julia Roberts - admits her relatives didn't want her to pursue a career in showbiz and wanted her to become a doctor instead.

Speaking in the June issue of Elle Canada magazine, she said: ''She [my mum] just didn't want me to go into it [acting] young. When you come from a family that's in the industry, they're always like, 'Be a doctor! Be a lawyer!' But we end up wanting to be actors.''

When asked if she received any advice from Julia, she added: ''No one said anything to me about acting because they hoped it would just be a phase. But I kept doing it!''

The blonde beauty - who shot to fame after taking on the lead role in the TV show 'Unfabulous' - believes her determination to follow her own dreams comes from being raised single-handily by her mother Kelly Cunningham.

She explained: ''I've always been very opinionated. That's what comes from being raised by a single mother. My mum always instilled confidence and told me to have an opinion and to educate myself.''

However, Emma - who's engaged to Evan Peters, believes she lets herself down because she's a procrastinator.

She said: ''I'm such a procrastinator. I put off cleaning. I'm not really messy, but it's organised chaos.''