Emma Roberts finds it "frustrating" that people thinks she is only successful because of her aunt.

The '' star - who acted alongside her famous relative Julia Roberts in 'Valentine's Day' earlier this year - insists she has worked hard for her success and gets annoyed when people think fame has came easily to her.

She explained: "Sometimes it's frustrating because people think I'm only working or doing stuff because of my family when that's not true at all.

"We actually try to keep work life and family life completely separate, so it's just frustrating when I hear that because I've worked really hard.

"But I just have to fight for myself, fight to be accepted in a way and make my own name for myself."

However, the 19-year-old actress would never change her name in a bid to escape her family ties.

She added to the Metro newspaper: I think that's a little ridiculous because people will find out anyway and then you look like you're trying too hard to be different.

"You might as well just go with it."

Emma recently revealed she doesn't seek professional advice from Julia and the pair choose to keep their work chats to a minimum.

She said: "Does my aunt give me advice? We don't really talk about the business together. I mean, I'll visit her on set when she's working on a movie and she asks me what I'm doing but otherwise, no."