The petite American Horror Story star is a huge fan of ranch salad dressing and Dave was sickened by her decision to involve the condiment in most of the meals she consumed while they filmed the thriller.

“Something that a lot of people think is disgusting is I dip my pizza in ranch dressing,” she told MTV News. “Someone who thinks it’s really gross is actually Dave. He was really disturbed that I dip my pizza in ranch.”

With a little prodding, Emma discovered in addition to ranch, Franco is revolted by all "white viscous-y" food in general, including mayonnaise and aioli, and even vanilla pudding.

But despite his distaste for these types of foods, Franco insists he's game to chow down on pretty much anything else.

“I’m a very adventurous eater otherwise," he smiled.

Emma previously spoke about her favourite dishes, noting unlike some other elite members of the Hollywood scene, she is not at all interested in trying out fad diets or exercises.

"My favourite workout is eating pizza...!" she joked to E! News.

In a separate discussion with Women's Health magazine, Emma revealed she tempers her pizza-eating habits by ensuring the ingredients in all her other meals are healthy.

"When I was (younger), I would eat whatever I wanted," she told the publication before explaining how she managed to balance out her diet. "My mum told me to eat healthier, not for the outside but for the inside. A lot of women feel like they have to eat healthy to be skinny, but (for me) it's not about that."