Emma Roberts always dreamed of being in Pop Tarts commercial.

The '' actress has starred in a string of Hollywood movies, but admits she had much lower ambitions when she was younger, setting her sights on promoting the popular breakfast treat.

She explained: "You know what my dream was? I wanted to be in a Pop Tart commercial.

"When I was a kid those Pop Tart commercials were the coolest."

Despite having achieved success in a host of hit films, 19-year-old Emma - who is the niece of fellow 'Valentine's Day' star Julia Roberts - still thinks her face "blends in with the crowd".

She said: "Younger kids recognise me, but I kind of blend in with the crowd.

"When I did 'Wild Child', there were ads in London on the side of buses. I was crossing the street and they drive on the other side to the States, so I'm looking the wrong way and step onto the road. My friend grabs me and pulls me back.

"My face goes by on the bus and she goes, 'You just almost got killed by your own bus. That would have been so embarrassing."