Emma Willis recruited a personal trainer after her mother told her she had cellulite.

The 40-year-old television presenter - who has seven-year-old daughter Isabelle, five-year-old son ace and is expecting her third child with her husband Matt Willis - has admitted her body has drastically changed after having children and the dimpling on her skin has become ''out of control'', which has led her to exercise during her pregnancy.

Speaking openly about her body and fitness, the brunette beauty said: ''The secret is training while you're pregnant to get you in shape way before you give birth. Being 40 and pregnant with my third child, it's no surprise that the cellulite on my legs got out of control. When even my mum noticed it, I knew I had to get a trainer.''

And the 'Celebrity Big Brother' host has admitted she attends boxing classes twice a week, as well as 45 minute high intensity work out class, although she doesn't want to put ''pressure'' on herself to drop the post-baby weight.

She said: ''Boxing twice a week is my new thing. That, and the 45-minute HIIT classes I do in my garage at home. It's like a normal class but less full on.

''Putting pressure on yourself to be too thin after having kids is unrealistic. You've just gone through labour, you're breastfeeding and you're trying to look after a tiny human being, it takes you nine months to grow a baby so you need at least that to get back to normal.''

Emma has revealed not only does her parent remind her to stay in shape, but her 33-year-old spouse does all he can to help her stay glamorous, which even sees him shave her legs before going into labour because she refuses to give birth without pruning ''everything''.

She told InStyle.co.uk: ''Matt shaves my legs for me. When you're pregnant you can't even see your feet so it's impossible to shave your own leg. And I won't go into labour without shaving everything. Legs, armpits, you name it - if my feet aren't pedicured and my legs aren't done with my Venus Swirl razor. I feel a bit gross!''