Emma Willis has offered to help deliver Tom and Giovanna Fletcher's baby.

The 42-year-old presenter - who has children Isabelle, eight, Ace, six, and Trixie, 23 months, with husband Matt Willis - is currently working as a maternity care assistant for her new TV show 'Emma Willis: Delivering Babies' and because of her new training, she's volunteered to be on-hand for her famous friends when they welcome their third child into the world later this year.

She said: ''I've just done my mandatory training and I'm going to be a maternity care assistant, because that is something you can do without having to go to university.

''You literally get your feet on the ground and you learn on the job. You're the first port of call for the mum really, so I will see births but I can't actually deliver...

''I've got a couple of mates that are pregnant at the minute and I'm like, 'Giovanna, how about I pull it out for you?'''

And Emma joked she's only doing the show in a bid to stop herself wanting more children.

Asked if it's made her broody, she told OK! magazine: ''No! Are you joking? Have you ever seen a birth? That doesn't make you want any more.

''That's why I'm doing it, so I don't have any more.''

The programme is a passion project for the presenter and is something she's wanted to get off the ground for years.

She said: ''You have so many meetings with production companies and they're like, 'What do you want to do?' I'm like, 'I really want to deliver babies and I really want to work in a hospital.' Then they say, 'Oh I don't think we can do that - anything else?'

''It's a really hard process because everyone is trying to get that next big thing. I've been saying it to people for a long time.

''My mum did it, she worked on a labour ward for 15 years and then in theatre as a theatre assistant for 20 years, so that's what I thought I would do.''