Emma Willis based her Next capsule collection on clothes she has ''always wanted''.

The 43-year-old TV presenter is releasing her first clothing collaboration with the high-street chain, and the star revealed that her much-anticipated range came to be when she discussed pyjamas being ''accessible'' to everyone.

Speaking to Glamour UK, she said: ''The funny thing is that I am not a fashion designer - obviously! Next and I have worked together for a couple of years, where I selected my favourite bits and all that jazz.

''One of the first fittings I ever did, Charlotte from Next came over to my house and there I was stood in my knickers and bra saying, 'I would love to do a range of pyjamas!' It all started with that! I proceeded to go upstairs, empty all the pyjamas I loved out of my drawers saying, 'what if it felt like this and was accessible to everyone!' She just looked at me like, 'this is the first time I have ever met you!'

''It then turned into this capsule collection where I have designed pieces that I have always wanted.

''I am not always walking around the house in my underwear - she's just really easy to be around!''

And the pixie-haired beauty - who has children Ace, seven, Trixie, two, and Isabelle, nine, with husband Matt Willis - insisted that the range is ''comfortable'' and ''classic''.

She added: ''It's based around classic pieces that will last and that you can mix and match. The shirt on the pyjamas, for instance, I actually want to wear as a shirt. I have always said if I feel comfortable in clothes, I feel more confident - hence the power suits!''