Emma Willis feels ''jealous'' of Matt Willis' bond with their kids.

The 43-year-old TV presenter - who has kids Trixie, three, Ace, seven, and Isabelle, ten, with the singer - has admitted she is slightly envious of the dynamic Matt has developed with their children.

Speaking on Dave Berry's 'Dadpod' about Matt's role at home, she shared: ''Oh, he's like the fourth child. And that for me, is perfect, because I think he has such a fantastic bond and relationship with them because he can get down on their level - do you know what I mean?

''And when they want fun they go to him.''

Emma admitted that Matt's parenting skills make her feel ''sensationally boring''.

However, she also feels as though she provides a certain degree of ''security'' for their family.

Emma confessed: ''It makes me feel sensationally boring because I'm like, 'Oh I'm that one, am I? .... [I'm the one] that tells them off and makes sure the washing is done'. I am the quintessential mum and, I think, security.

''That's what I've always had from my dad and Matt is just always there and always fun and I'm quite jealous of that.''

Emma's experiences of parenting have led her to look at her own parents in a different light.

She said: ''I left home at 17 and just went and lived on my own in a model flat in London and when I think now that in seven years, my eldest, might ask me to do the same and I'm like 'No, you're gonna be locked in your bedroom till you're 25. You're not doing...'

''I don't know how they let me do it because at the time I'm like 'Well I'm big and I'm clever and I'm 17 and I'm fine. Of course I can go to London.'

''But now I'm a parent, it fills me with dread when I have to let my kids go.''