Emma Bunton would get married if her son wanted her to.

The 37-year-old star got engaged to fiancé Jade Jones in January 2011 and insists the pair simply don't have the time to tie the knot in the near future, but she admits if their six-year-old son Beau wanted them to get married then the couple would do it.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Beau is our everything so if he forced us to get married then I think we'd do it for him.

''But we don't have any marriage plans just yet, we are useless at arranging anything.

''Me and Jade talked about it the other day, actually. We are both Aquarius so we live each day and we've got our boys and are really busy.

''There just doesn't seem a moment in the day where we sit down so I don't know if we would ever get around to arranging anything.''

The Spice Girls singer - who also has two-year-old son Tate with Jade, who she has been in a relationship with since 1997 -admits her friends are always asking her when she is getting married to Jade because they want to go on a hen night and then party at the wedding reception.

Emma - who is supporting the Pampers UNICEF 'Every Parent's Dream' campaign - added: ''I do get a lot of pressure from my friends, though. Basically, they're just selfish and they want a party. It's not happening yet, though. Nothing is organised, nothing is set so it's going to be a bit longer. It took me 13 years to get my engagement ring - imagine how long it's going to take to get married!''

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