Singer Emma Bunton dreads the festive season as her creative skills are tested to the limit making a nativity costume for her son.

The Spice Girls star is mum to Beau, five, and 19 month old Tate, and she is a big fan of a traditional family Christmas.

But there is one aspect of the holiday season she dislikes - fashioning a costume for Beau to wear for his school's onstage re-telling of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Bunton tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "The camel outfit, that was a tricky one. Thankfully, I was tipped off that they had one in a nearby supermarket. I don't know what I would have done otherwise. Then there was the turnip. I made that one myself, but it didn't turn out too well.

"I got off lightly this year because Beau was a narrator. I just had to make sure Beau wore green and brown so he blended in with the forest. I'm quite creative, but when it comes to making costumes, it's fair to say that's not my strong point."