Emma Bunton was overjoyed when she realised her baby son had found fame within hours of his birth, after his name became the topic of a question on a TV quiz show.
The former Spice Girls star gave birth to little Tate in May (11), her second son with her fiance Jade Jones.
And the new parents were amazed when they tuned in to live U.K. show The Million Pound Drop the evening after Tate's arrival and saw that he was the subject of a question for contestants.
Bunton tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "The evening after he was born, I was cuddled up in my hospital room with Tate in my arms and Jade next to me and the quiz show The Million Pound Drop with Davina MCCall came on TV. One question was, 'What has Emma Bunton called her baby boy, born today?'. Four options were on the screen.
"I was so excited, I squealed, 'Tate, you're famous already!' Jade tried to film it on his video camera to show Tate when he's older. It was very funny."