Former SPICE GIRL Emma Bunton is comforting distraught singer VICTORIA BECKHAM over her husband's alleged infidelity - despite her own relationship problems.

Bunton is currently heartbroken after her recent attempt to reunite with on/off love Jade Jones ended in failure but still took time to counsel Victoria over her soccer ace husband DAVID's alleged affairs with two women.

The WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? singer says, "I've spoken to Victoria during the last few weeks and she knows that I'm always there for her.

"I don't want to go into the specifics of the story but Victoria knows I'm always at the end of the phone line if she wants to talk."

Meanwhile, Emma is trying to recover from her own romantic disappointment.

She adds, "I'm far too busy to have a full-on relationship."

01/06/2004 13:22