Lack of sleep was the reason rapper Eminem checked into rehab last year (05) - after he tried to medicate his tiredness. The rapper has refused to speak about his rehabilitation and his alleged addiction to prescription drugs, but he's opening up about the reasons for his problems in a new Complex interview. He tells the publication that life on the road left him exhausted and suffering from writer's block. He reveals, "There was a lot of moments but it was just having a sleep disorder to the point where... I call it planes, trains and automobiles. "The craziness of touring, it's hard to sleep. You're on the bus, the bus is moving, shaking, and you gotta get sleep so that you can be on point for the next show. "Plus, I was flying home to Detroit to see the kids. Half the tour they were out on the road with me... and half the tour they was at home, so I was going home to see them between shows. "So I had to, right after a show, get on a plane to go see them, and it's a five hour flight. I'd hope I could sleep on the plane, get there just as they're waking up, and spend the day with them. "It drove me insane. I just medicated myself to death. It was like, 'I'm gonna f**king die if I keep this up.'"