LATEST: Hip-hop producer SHA MONEY XL has dismissed reports of Eminem's ill health, insisting the star merely suffered a "minor" case of influenza. The Slim Shady rapper - real name Marshall Bruce Mathers III - is said to have spent four days in hospital over the festive season suffering from heart problems arising from a bout of pneumonia. But rap entrepreneur Sha Money - a business associate of 50 Cent - claims the reports have been wildly exaggerated. He tells WENN, "I spoke to Em the other day, he’s doing great. All these reports about his bad health, some of the reports out there are false. It was a minor flu - not a heart scare - that’s it. "The boy is strong, he’s fine, it’s just the cold, you know? He’s just gotta rest, take the vitamin C. I got strong ties with the Shady family, and I can tell you the album he’s working on is gonna be bananas, artists have just gotta learn to support each other. When this album drops, people are gonna go crazy."