The video for Eminem's political song MOSH has been re-edited to give it a fresh message following George W Bush's Presidential election victory over JOHN KERRY.

The original cut of the video ended with a shot of an animated Eminem leading a mob to register to vote, but this has been changed now the election has taken place.

The video's director, IAN INABA, says, "When MTV saw it, the top brass there decided to put it on heavy rotation and make it the number one video on that week. But because (the video) had so much popularity, we had to figure out how to keep it going seeing that the voting thing didn't work out so well."

INTERSCOPE, Eminem's record label, agreed to pay for a new 50-second ending which now features the same mob storming the Capitol during Bush's State Of The Union address. This leads to a shot of DICK CHENEY suffering a heart attack.

Inaba admits, "There was some back-and-forth with management over whether this was too strong."

30/11/2004 21:57