Rap music by Eminem and Dr Dre is reportedly being used to torture detainees at a secret US prison in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Activists for human rights group Human Rights Watch (HRW) have alleged that the US locked prisoners in dark cells and blasted angry, loud rap records at them in a bid to break them down.

The damning new report comes following claims from one released detainee, an Ethiopian, who alleges he was kept in a pitch-black prison cell while loud rap and heavy metal music was continuously pumped into the facility for 20 days.

The former prisoner is one of eight individuals, allegedly held at the prison in Kabul between 2002 and 2004, with similar horror stories of breaches of international human rights conditions.

A British detainee, BENYAM MOHAMMAD, told the HRW through his lawyer, "They hung me up. I was allowed a few hours of sleep on the second day, then hung up again, this time for two days. My legs had swollen. My wrists and hands had gone numb... There was loud music, SLIM SHADY (Eminem) and DR DRE for 20 days.

"The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) worked on people, including me, day and night. Plenty lost their minds. I could hear people knocking their heads against the walls and the doors, screaming their heads off."

HRW spokesman JOHN SIFTON tells MTV News, "The US government must shed some light on Kabul's 'dark prison'. No one, no matter their alleged crime, should be held in secret prisons or subjected to torture."