Eminem has promised fans won't be disappointed with his new video game.

That 'Real Slim Shady' rapper has teamed up with Jay-Z for 'DJ Hero Renegade' and in addition to a selection of songs from his back catalogue, the hip hop star has also included a new track, 'Taking My Ball'.

He said: "The tracks we put on this disc are mostly overlooked or rarer favourites of mine from all different parts of my career.

"I also put a brand new, unheard song on there so even the biggest fan has something new."

Jay-Z's selection of tracks for the game - which allows users to interact with an electronic timetable - are mainly taken from his new album 'Blueprint 3' and songs from his back catalogue, including 'Hard Knock Life' and 'Bonnie and Clyde'.

'Taking My Ball' will premiere on Shade 45 radio on October 16, ahead of the game's release on October 27.