Eminem's estranged mother is thrilled the rapper is re-marrying his wife KIM because she hopes family life will help end the rift between them.

Debbie Nelson, 50, admits her rap star son is secretly helping her pay medical bills as she fights lymphoma and now she's hoping Eminem, real name MARSHALL MATHERS, has mellowed out and will welcome her back into his life.

Nelson says, "I thank Marshall for helping me stay alive... I want to be around to see my granddaughter, HAILLIE, grow up. That's what keeps me going."

But Nelson admits she hasn't seen the 10-year-old since Eminem severed ties with his mother after a public slanging match in 2000.

She adds, "Now that he's getting his life back on track with Kim, I'm hopeful that someday we'll be able to reconcile and move forward, to get beyond all of the hurt and bitterness."

That hoped-for reconciliation will have to wait until after Eminem re-weds Kim on 14 January (06) because the rapper hasn't invited his mother to the ceremony.