Close friends of Eminem are worried the hip-hop star is considering suicide after suffering a heart-breaking series of tragic events. The rapper recently announced earlier this month (05APR06) he was divorcing wife KIM, just 81 days after the couple married for a second time. And the LOSE IT star was left stunned by the murder of his best friend, rapper PROOF, earlier this week (11APR06). A friend of the STAN singer tells, "I'm not sure that (Eminem) can handle all this... I'm worried that he may try to hurt himself." Along with the trauma of his impending divorce and the death of his best friend, he checked himself into a substance abuse clinic last year (05) to recover from a sleeping pill addiction. Shortly after announcing he was divorcing, his estranged wife Kim suggested on a Detroit, Michigan, radio station that he is still addicted to the pills. The rapper attempted suicide in 1997, after Kim left him and barred him from visiting his daughter, HAILIE.