A Michigan judge has thrown out most of a lawsuit against Eminem by his aunt and uncle, who allege the hip-hop star is unjustly evicting from the home he had built for them.

In a lawsuit filed in August (05), JACK and BETTI SCHMITT claimed the Detroit-based rapper asked them to leave their Missouri home to move closer to him and agreed to pay them $100,000 (GBP55,500) a year for five years and buy them a $350,000 (GBP194,000) house in Clinton Township, Michigan.

The Schmitts alleged the STAN hitmaker had only paid them $165,000 (GBP91,600) since the 2002 agreement and were asked to evict the Michigan property in July of this year (05).

On Monday (24OCT05) Macomb County judge MARY A CHRZANOWSKI ruled the majority of the couple's lawsuit should be tossed out of court, but gave them permission to claim Eminem unjustly profited from the improvements they made to the house.

Eminem's lawyer argued no work was performed for the money he paid the couple and there was no contract between them in existence.