Eminem's Anger Management 3 tour DJ has quit to avoid making the SLIM SHADY star choose between him and protege 50 CENT.

DJ GREEN LANTERN resigned last month (APR05) to prevent placing his former boss in an awkward position - following an interview with Jadakiss where Lantern was heard on speaker phone chatting to the rapper about his rival 50 Cent, according to MTV.

Of THE COME UP, VOLUME 5 DVD, Lantern says, "Basically, I was recorded without my knowledge, speaking with Jadakiss about his response to 50 Cent.

"There was a rumour going around that, in the conversation, I was giving Kiss inside information on what 50 was going to do. And that's really why I'm saying anything, because that is absolutely false.

"I will admit to the fact that I was speaking to Jadakiss, somebody that was in a rap battle with 50 Cent, but at the same time, Jada's my dude.

"The inappropriate action on my part was when I'm commenting on his (50 Cent) song, telling him, 'That's a jab. Where's a knockout?' ... That was some bulls**t.

"It really looks like I wanted to take 50 Cent out, and there really isn't any feelings toward 50 Cent on my part, even though it looks like that. ...

"If I'm Green Lantern from Shady/Aftermath and I shouldn't be commenting with Jadakiss on his song going at 50 Cent, at the same time I'm also an individual that has a relationship with this guy.

08/05/2005 10:56