Eminem gave protege 50 CENT a pep talk as the rapper's career took off, urging him to stay out of jail.

The STAN hitmaker admits he had concerns about the angry and ambitious New Yorker and feared he could become another rap star trying to conduct business from behind bars.

He tells men's magazine BLENDER, "I remember having a talk with him before his first album. I said, 'You're about to be big. I don't know how big, but you're about to be big, things are about to start moving very quickly.

"I told him, 'You don't have to do anything else at this point to verify your background, where you come from, your story. You don't have to walk around and punch people in the face, you don't gotta shoot nobody.

"All you gotta do is concentrate on the music. Stay outta trouble, stay outta jail. You can't make music from jail."

50 tells the magazine that Eminem's sage words helped him resolve his recent falling out with The Game.

He explains, "I don't resent him (The Game) to the point where it can't be resolved. You know who loses in the end if there's a conflict? Me.

"He's signed to my label. It's me versus me. It's not good for me."

13/04/2005 21:17