Eminem's brother is keen to prove himself in the music industry - even if the STAN rapper's status initially overshadows his own career.

While NATE MATHERS, 18, acknowledges the advantages to being related to the STAN singer, he is determined to forge his own path in the music arena.

Mathers says, "I'm my own person. I'm not my brother. I can't have his career. I can only put out my stuff and create my own identity. People are going to either dig my stuff or they won't.

"Sure, being Eminem's brother has opened all the doors, but now it's up to me to make something of it.

"No one's going to invest in me if I don't produce the results. I understand that this is a business first.

"If the CDs don't sell, I'm out. I only hope that people will give me a chance and not try to compare me to him.

"I'm making my own music - it's not just a carbon copy of his stuff."

30/08/2004 17:30