Rapper Eminem has taken on his shadiest image change to date - as a hairy bartender with a handlebar moustache.

The WITHOUT ME star's unflattering look is for his protege Obie Trice's new music video, GOT SOME TEETH.

In his debut single on Eminem's SHADY RECORDS, Obie goes on a fruitless search for a woman with a decent set of teeth, encountering a series of disastrous dates along the way.

In the video Eminem is seen serving up shots and beers in a guise which makes him almost unrecognisable. Sporting dark hair, an open shirt, hairy chest and a handlebar moustache befitting a porn star, the SLIM SHADY star also served as one of the video's directors.

Got Some Teeth is the first video from Obie's upcoming album Cheers, which is expected to hit stores in September (03).

13/08/2003 00:14