Superstar Eminem has dubbed critics who claim white men can't rap racists.

The superstar has had to fight his way to the top in an industry dominated by black rappers and he insists he still encounters racial prejudice.

The JUST LOSE IT star says, "There's always going to be critics and racists.

"That's the type of person I am and the type of people I represent. I don't get into this whole white, black, Latino thing. It doesn't f**king matter.

"That's why, when I started out, I wanted to bang all the motherf**kers in the head, because I wasn't going to listen to no bulls**t about colour.

"I mean, regardless of whatever you want to say about me, the one thing that you can't say is that I can't rap. You can't say that I ain't got the talent, the skills or that I suck. That's not an ego trip, that's the truth."

14/12/2004 14:03