Eminem proved he can take a joke at last night's (28AUG03) MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS by showing off his new-found love of puppets.

The rapper was publicly displeased with TRIUMPH THE INSULT COMIC DOG's jokes at his expense at last year's (02) VMAs, but showed he's a good sport by teaming up with CRANK YANKERS puppet star SPECIAL ED.

Eminem explained he'd attended special anger management classes following his attack on Triumph, and explained, "Puppets are like people and they have feelings too. They're only here to put smiles on our faces.

"I've opened my heart to them and realised violence, whether against puppets or people, is wrong. You should think before you act because it can have an effect on those around you."

But, as Special Ed continued to yell, "It's my birthday," in the rapper's ear, Eminem finally snapped and punched the puppet and then pulled his leg off.

29/08/2003 07:40