Superstar rapper Eminem is facing a legal battle with a small Nevada, America company for the use of the name of his clothing line SHADY LTD.

The STAN star has just released the line of sports casual clothing named after his famed SLIM SHADY moniker, which was registered as a trademark in 1999.

However, SHADY INC., a small business which distributes on the internet as well as the Nevada locality, is claiming the name infringes on its own line of clothing, which has been running since 1999 - although they did not register their title as a trademark until 2001.

Co-owner THOMAS HESSION says, "We were first and we used it in good faith. We did not know at the time that Eminem was planning clothes."

However, Eminem's lawyer MANNY POKOTILOW counters, "We consider this a very frivolous claim that has been made. It is what I would call a hit suit, which is in order to take advantage of somebody's celebrity status."

14/07/2003 17:24