Eminem's ex-wife Kim Mathers is now in a rehabilitation clinic for 90 days after being released from jail - and it's costing the rapper $50,000 (GBP27,700).

Kim is at the SACRED HEART REHABILITATION CENTER in Memphis, Tennessee, after serving a 30-day sentence on drug charges.

A prison spokeswoman says, "Kim was having problems in jail, but she did serve her entire 30 days."

Eminem's uncle TODD NELSON notes, "She's relieved to be out of prison and out of that jumpsuit. Now she can wear her own clothes, have a private room and get better food.

Sources tell America's STAR magazine that Kim is getting "country club privileges" such as nature hikes along some of the centre's 126 wooded acres and weekend passes.

A source says, "There's even a family day coming up, at which Eminem and their daughter HAILIE are expected.

"It's costing Em $560 (GBP311) for each of the 90 days Kim is there," bringing the grand total to $50,000.

The source tells the publication that once Kim gets out of rehab, she plans to live with the rap superstar and their eight year-old daughter.

10/03/2004 21:01